• Emily Smith

Cee.r's Review

Please note that I checked the "Accurate Pics" box and inserted "Better in Person." That is an understatement. Her photos are ok but I was somewhat taken aback as I entered her incall and was confronted by this true natural beauty. I am one to think attractiveness has a lot to do with brains and manners and the ability to carry on an intelligent conversation, and Emily scores big points in all of those areas, so if this sort of stuff doesn't resonate with you I guess you should look elsewhere. I had little to go on when I contacted her, just one review, but it seemed pretty solid. And I liked the comments she'd made in the TNA discussion section. But I was oh-so pleasantly surprised by how she handles herself in person. Conversation flowed easily and she excels on the physical side of it as well. I don't mean to minimize that part at all, just trying to be discrete you see, but Emily will not disappoint in this area. She is new to the area but not to providing and she is trying to establish a reputation based on being a solid GFE companion. I support her efforts and cannot recommend Emily highly enough. Be nice to her, she deserves it.

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