• Emily Smith

QBBackwhen's Review

Saw Emily's ad and was drawn to follow up so I could meet her. I was also curious about the DMV following her name, but didn't think it had anything to do with the motor vehicle department! I do like playfulness and hoped the DMV was an aspect of that. In the end, our time together was so good I forgot all about asking her about DMV's meaning. From the beginning, communication was clear with no glitches in any way, and her screening instructions were appropriate. We made an adjustment to the time of our original plan with no difficulty. We chatted a bit at first and got better acquainted. I sensed after a few moments that we had begun to lean ever so slightly in toward each other as we talked. Then I could see the smile on her face and in her eyes. I know my smile was in gear too, as I was enjoying this prelude and our conversation. Soon fewer words were being spoken, with longer pauses between. Soon the lean became a nice soft kiss, and bye-bye words for the time being. As usual for me, the details of the remainder of our time remains between us. I will only say that the shifting between gears was as smooth as the synchromesh in a brand new 68 Mustang. For you fellow hobbyists, and for providers, that is a good thing!

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