• Emily Smith


There are beautiful women and there are cute woman. But rarely do you encounter both in the same woman. Emily is that woman. She has the beauty of that head turning woman and the cuteness of the girl next door you allow your mind to wander about the possibilities. Her smile comes easy and is authentic.

Our time together was fun, exciting and truly erotic. While new to the board, she is not new to the hobby and brings a professionalism too often lost with some providers. She is punctual, communicates well, and prepared. More importantly she loves to receive as well as give. Emily is the definition of GFE.

Pros: - Looks divine in her black dress and high heels

- She absolutely loves to kiss

- Smart and great company.

- Strives to make a connection

- A great and talented lover.

Cons: I just can't think of any.

I look forward to the time when our paths cross. I only hope it is soon.

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