• Emily Smith

Trip's Review

Emily is a sweet beautiful tall drink of water. She is the kind of woman you see walk by and think to yourself, "man, that chick is beautiful!"

I know this because it happened. I happened to see her outside her I call in a pair of jeans, blouse, and very nice heels before our date. I thought to myself, "damn, I wish I was here to see that woman!" As luck would have it, I was!

A few minutes later, after I had texted my arrival and received final instructions to get to her room, she opened the door, and I realized it was the hottie I'd seen outside!

Inside she was very friendly and real. We chatted for a little while and then started making out on the bed. I love this, and could tell she does too. At one point during our prolonged make out session while we were fumbling to help each other out of our clothes, she laughed and said, "so this is kind of like a tinder date." I cracked up. I've never used tinder, but if the dates are anything like that, I'm in!

The whole experience did feel more like a date than an appointment, which I loved. Once we were finally out of our clothes we explored each other's bodies hungrily. Then we moved through several positions looking to enhance and continue our pleasure. Her pleasure seemed genuine, and my efforts were highly appreciated. My pleasure was intense, and prolonged.

After climax, we lay in the bed kissing and stroking each other, and chatting like two new lovers. And like new lovers, we were soon smashing into each other again fiercely grabbing a second helping of ecstasy.

We have already agreed to a second date.

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