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Tru9897's Review

So DMV doesn't stand for dept of motor vehicles. If you want to know what it stands for, you'll have to ask her.

I contacted Emily moments after she posted an add. I wanted something new, but right away. This usually is not possible. Emily was super cool and told me I could come on over ASAP. I was a little latter than I wanted to be because the first ATM I stopped at was broken, but she texted me to check where I was, which was nice. Once I got there she replied to my text right away with the room number. Not sure if it is just me, but I've had some bad luck with girls not being ready when I get there and I have to find a way to kill time in a hotel parking lot. Emily's reliability and consideration was much appreciated, but it was far from her best quality.

She opened the door in a skin tight black dress and heals. First thought in my head was "I really lucked out picking her". She takes real pride in her appearance, and she looked like she was ready for a night on the town. The second thing that hit me was how tall she is. I'm 6'1" and we were eye to eye when she had heals on. She's really tall, but she does tall well with her amazing figure.

Not more than 30 seconds after I get there we are making out on the bed. She read me well and gave me exactly the visit I was hoping for, which for me was GFE.

I stayed the whole hour and felt very welcomed the whole time. We talked for a while and I could tell she really likes her clients. She was visiting from Seattle, which I hope she does more often.

Thank you Emily!

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